I N . P A S S I N G

103 Films of Rhode Island Roadsides

An Interactive Public Artwork for the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles

In Passing
is an interactive video installation that celebrates the unique movements of automobile travel, focusing a lens on Rhode Island’s unique landscapes streaming past the car's side window. Consisting of 103 short films created by artist Erik Carlson while exploring Rhode Island’s over 6,400 miles of public roadways -- both the urban and rural, scenic and everyday, finding the unexpected in rarely-traveled back roads or crowded beach-side routes -- the artwork uses slow motion, repetition and layering to create a dream-like state, re-introducing a forgotten sense of wonder and surprise while simultaneously creating a permanent record of Rhode Island’s diverse landscapes circa 2011.

The artwork’s 1- to 2-minute long clips are constantly cross-fading and blending from one to the next in random sequences, streaming past on two large video screens which surround the viewer, facing one another across the DMV’s main entry hall. Registering the viewers’ proximity, the artwork also responds to viewers' presence, momentarily capturing a freeze-frame or “snapshot” view, allowing the viewer to enter the landscape for a moment and inspect the curious details in a scene, before they gradually fade back into the passing landscape and are gone.

In Passing offers DMV patrons an engaging and thought-provoking artwork that can be experienced "in passing",while also offering captivating long-term engagement through interaction and variation, providing new content and details upon repeat visits.

Commissioned by Rhode Island's 1% for Art Program.
Completed in February 2012.


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"I began to see how the road altered not only the way people travelled, but how they perceived the world."

- John Brinckerhoff Jackson, "The Necessity for Ruins"


Commissioned by the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts through the Allocation for Art for Public Facilities Act.

Erik Carlson: Artist: concept, design, content, film + editing

Tellart: Custom Software Design + Hardware Consulting

Joshua Enck / NIck Hollibaugh:
Fabrication + Installation

Kieran John Delany: Film + Video Consultant

Copyright © 2011-12 Erik Carlson / AREA C