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quicken the breath

AREA C-related:

Death Vessel Joel Thibodeau's beautiful child-ghosts: www.deathvessel.com

Eyes Like Saucers, Jeffrey K.'s project of dark harmoniumism: www.eyeslikesaucers.com

Mudboy: organ freakishness with a similar mindset: www.mudboymusic.com

mem1: beautiful cello + laptop duo: www.mem1.com

UrDog Jeff Knoch's previous project of PsychO gENius: www.urdog.com

AREA C Myspace page (not very exciting so far, but some different MP3s): I gave in....

AREA C soundtracks on Erik Gould's flash movies: www.erikgould.net

Strangeloop: strange...

LABELS, etc:

Students of Decay on the cutting edge: www.studentsofdecay.com

Sloowtapes cassette label: LIINK

Last Visible Dog: http://lvd.4mg.com/

Trensmat Records 7" label in Ireland www.trensmat.com

Secret Eye & Black Forest/Black Sea Providence-based label & band www.secreteye.org

Mudboy & Free Matter for the Blind: www.FreeMatterFortheBlind.com

Aquarius Records (San Fran): http://www.aquariusrecords.org/

Forced Exposure (MA): http://www.forcedexposure.com/

Other Music (NYC): http://www.othermusic.com/

Armageddon Shop (RI): http://www.armageddonshop.com/

WFMU Free Music Archive: It keeps getting bigger, sounding better: freemusicarchive.org


Passing By: Susanna from Rare Frequencies turned me on to this: watch for hours

Rare Frequencies: Radio show / podcast by Susanna Bolle: www.rarefrequency.com

David Maisel's stunning photos. Check "Library of Dust": www.davidmaisel.com

Lots of Noise: info on Providence, RI music, shows, etc: www.lotsofnoise.com

What time is it????????????????????????????????????????????

SINGLE speed DESIGN: (erik's previous architecture job) www.singlespeeddesign.com

Purple Ivy Shadows (ancient history): www.myspace.com/purpleivyshadows

WMBR Radio Show: www.wmbr.mit.edu

Hungarian music label: www.fono.hu


Electronic Music Foundation: www.emf.org

Defunct navy base in Rhode Island, RIP: LINK

Andrei Tarkovsky Site: LINK

Audiomulch: audio software for windows: www.audiomulch.com

Soundscapes FM field recordings, etc, etc: LINK

Erica Carpenter's excellent new book: www.burningdeck.com

Review of Erica Carpenter's book (starts in the 3rd paragraph...) LINK

Alec Thibodeau's (Noney, Stringbuilder) art site: www.inkape.com

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quicken the breath
plain trees