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DONDE ESTA? - San Diego Intl. Airport

Public Art Installation at the San Diego International Airport, CA

¿Dónde Está? is a permanent public art installation at the San Diego International Airport's new Terminal 2. Consisting of 8 different interactive video installations, the artwork focuses on San Diego's culture, history and environment, using LCD smartglass to obscure and reveal different details of the videos as passersby approach.
Completed in September 2013. LINK to VIDEO > > >

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Interactive Public Art Installation at the Village at the Dubai Mall

Aviary is a new permanent interactive sound + light installation created by HY Architecture, Parallel Development, and Erik Carlson.

Completed in Fall 2013. LINK to VIDEO > > >

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CIRCULATE - Nashville, TN

Public Art Installation for the new Lentz Public Health Center

Interactive LCD glass installation in the 3-story atrium lobby of this new public health facility in Nashville, TN.

Completed in July 2014.

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CLOUD SEEDING - Denver Public Library

Public Art Installation for the Green Valley Ranch Library in Denver, CO

Cloud Seeding processes patron's search terms and inquiries to call up a spectrum of associative images, quotes and information drawn from the library's collection. The result will be an ever-shifting real-time visualization of the library's day-to-day usage – and of the collective consciousness created through the community's participation in its local library. Completed in May 2011. MORE INFO > > >

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IN PASSING - Rhode Island DMV

Public Art Installation for the RI Department of Motor Vehicles

In Passing is an interactive large-scale video installation that celebrates the unique movements and experiences of automobiile travel, focusing a lens on the Rhode Island landscapes streaming past the car's side window. In progress for fall 2011 completion. MORE INFO > > >

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National Geographic Channel : 23 Aug 2010

Original Documentary Score by AREA C

Witness: Katrina reconstructs Hurricane Katrina as it happened, entirely through the eyes of those who experienced it. AREA C created the original score, based on sounds from the raw video footage. To be aired on the National Geographic Channel in August 2010. MORE INFO >>

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Public Art Proposal for the Nashville Music City Center

Trans-Harmonics creates a visualization of the underlying physics of sound created on traditional stringed instruments as well as the harmonic waves of cultural influence that will pass through Nashville's new Music City Center. Finalist for national RFP; winner to be announced in October 2011. MORE INFO >>


Interactive Public Art Installation (with HY Architecture)
1110 Vermont Avenue Washington DC
Featured at the Cooper-Hewitt "Design Life Now" Triennial

Low Rez / Hi Fi is a permanent interactive public installation that activates the sidewalk and engages the public on Vermont Avenue in Washington DC, consisting of 20 touch-sensitive sound-emitting poles & full scale LED matrices. Private Commission. Completed in 2007. MORE INFO > > > >

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New Encounters with the
Victorian Natural History Collection

An annual exhibit utilizing the Museum of Natural History's antiquarian collections, curated by Erik Carlson + Erica Carpenter
at the Museum of Natural History + Planetarium
Roger Williams Park . Providence, RI
2010 . Curiouser: New Encounters... > > >
2011 . Curiouser: The Secret Lives of Specimens  > > >
2012 . Curious Magic: The Magic Lantern Slides > > >

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Dulles International Airport

Public Art Installation for the International Arrivals Terminal
Dulles International Airport, Washington DC

Finalist for national RFP, 2010
An interactive multi-media installation responding to flight arrival data.
MORE INFO soon > > >

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Public Art Installation for the UCCS Foucault Pendulum
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, CO

Finalist for national RFP, 2009
An interactive video + audio installation to accompany the Foucault Pendulum in UCCS's new Science + Engineering building.
MORE INFO soon > > >

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Multimedia Installation: urban projections / sound / text
September 17 - 20 2008, Providence, RI

Erik Carlson with Erik Gould & Erica Carpenter
Large-scale film projections for vacant lots in Providence's downtown district: Found film fragments interacting with brief fragments of text and sound, asking us to re-imagine these urban voids. MORE INFO > > >

Funded by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

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Custom Bus Shelter Design + Fabrication
2008 - 2010, various locations throughout Rhode Island

Six unique bus shelters commissioned for neighborhoods around Rhode Island, including Olneyville, Newport, and Central Falls.

Funded by the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.


Interactive Audio Installation
Fall 2008, various locations, RI

A new composition and interactive site-specific audio installation, based around electronic analysis, manipulation and interpretation of field recordings of Rhode Island's indigenous songbirds. More info soon...

Funded by a Contemporary Works Grant from the LEF Foundation.


Recycled Audio-Video Object
2009, Fidelity Investments / Providence Art Club "Greenworks" Exhibit

Created from a discarded Kodak Brownie camera, found super-8 film footage, and found and reprocessed audio, this multimedia piece addresses memory, loss, and documentation. MORE INFO > > >


An Ethereal Walking Tour of Providence's North Burial Ground
Summer 2008 (& ongoing) Providence, RI LINK to STRANGELOOP > >

A self-guided geo-tagged and web-based walking tour of various curiousities in Providence's oldest cemetery. By Erik Carlson + Erik Gould
Strangeloop was part of the Cryptic Providence art installation, funded by the Rhode Island Foundation & Providence Parks Department.

alt - Space

Multimedia Performance Series at the Cormack Planetarium
Museum of Natural History, Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI

April - May + November 2007
alt-SPACE was created by AREA C as a way to present experimental & textural electronic music in unique venues, establishing a dialogue between sound + space. Funded by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. MORE INFO > >

Cloud Cover - Providence Plaza

Interactive Public Art Installation
Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI

Finalist for National RFP, 2007
Designed by SINGLE speed DESIGN with AREA C
Sound Design: AREA C / Erik Carlson
MORE INFO (link to SINGLE speed DESIGN site) > > >

BASE: Advancing a Post-Military Landscape

A Multi-Media Documentation of two former naval bases in North Kingstown, RI

By Erik Carlson + Erica Carpenter
Completed in 2000
Funded by the RI Council for the Humanities


Soundtrack for feature-length documentary

Completed 2005
Directed by Matt Kohn
Soundtrack by AREA C

Soundtrack contributions for feature-length documentary

Completed 2006
Directed by Raphael Lyon & Andres Ingoglia
Soundtrack material by AREA C


Good Morning Angel

Hey Locked Boy


The Weeds

Short film by M.Loncar, 16mm + video, 1999
Original soundtrack by Erik Carlson
Awarded Best Experimental Direction: Short Film at the New York International Film and Video Festival, 1999

Short film by M.Loncar, 16mm + video, 1997
Original soundtrack by Erik Carlson + Purple Ivy Shadows
Selected for Ann Arbor Film Festival , 1997, and Michigan Filmmaker Outreach Project, 1997

Interactive Flash film by Erik Gould, 2003
Original score by AREA C > > > WATCH

Interactive Flash film by Erik Gould, 2002
Original score by AREA C > > > WATCH

All projects and images Copyright © 2002 - 2014 Erik Carlson / AREA C